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Excursions : Herculaneum

Relativelly few people realize that on the day the mount Vesuvius erupted is destroyed another city, Herculaneum.

During the eruption ( 79 a.C.) Herculaneum was upWind from the volcano and was destroyed more than twelve hours later when the blast cloud collapsed spounting forth a barrage of searing ash, rock, pumice, which sped from the mountain top at 60 miles per hour. The debris that fell on Herculaneum reached temperatures in excess of 760 degrres farheneit and reached the city within five minutes.

The wood that had been used to construct the city was instantly carbonised.

Once you arrive in Herculaneum, you will be in awe of the spectacular ancient ruins. As your eyes take in the sights, your mind will transport you back in time to the ancient city before it was destroyed. It’s an experience that you don’t have to miss!!

Herculaneum visit can be combined with one of these excursions: Pompeii, Oplontis, Sorrento, Naples, Amalfi and Vesuvius.

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