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Excursions : Paestum

Paestum lies midway along the coast of the present-day gulf of Salerno. Poseidonia was founded about 9 Km south of the Sele river by colonists from Sybaris, a town on the coast of the Ionian sea founded by greeks.

Archaeological evidence places the foundation of Poseidonia at the end on the seventh century b.C.

This is the period to which the first burials are dated, as well as the earliest object found in the town and in a large sanctuary of hera which stood on the left bank of the Sele.

Tha archaeological site is characterized by three greek temples:

  • Hera temple (about 550 b.C.) the oldest three temples dedicated to the greek goddess of fertility hera. Due to an early mistake it is known today as the “Basilica”.
  • The smallest of the three temples, called “Ceres temple”( about 500 b.C.) was dedicated to the goddess Athene.
  • The Poseidon temple (or Neptune temple) is from about 450 b.C. this temple is probably the best preserved doric temple in the world.

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