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Excursions : Amalfi

The Amalfi Coast, another splendid jewel of this Campanian Coastline that has already offered the visitor so many incomparable beaties. Each spot is a world on its own, a fantastic landscape which dazzles the imagination and inspires unforgattable impressions.

Fishermen's villages and little towns of white houses nestling in the bays, preserve the charm of ancient past:

  • Positano, a very popolar resort, notable for its picturesque townscape, built on terraces, and much frequented by foreigners both in winter as in summer.
  • Amalfi, which gives its name to the whole coast, is the main town with its best lemons in the world being very juicy, big and scented.
  • The superbly elegant Ravello, famous for concerts in honor of Wagner, who had a special fondness for Ravello

No to be missed:

  • A visit of a manifactured of artistic pottery, local wine, liquors, olive iol and pasta.

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