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Excursions : Capri

Capri is the most charming sparkling smart island of the gulf of Naples. It has been a resort since the time of the roman Republic. This island has 4 municipalities, Capri town which is the main centre, with the famous Piazzetta, than Anacapri located high on the hill to the west, Marina Grande the main port and Marina Piccola.

According to Strabo, Capri was once part of the main land. This has beeen confirmed by geological surveys and archaeological findings.

The jewels, well known with the name of “Faraglioni Rocks” have become the symbol of Capri and the numerous caves with their enormous mouth- like openings in the rock. Each cave has a distinguishing feature according to its position. A boat-trip around the island to see the “Faraglioni Rocks” and the numerous caves, is recommended.

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