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Excursions : Ischia

The green island, near the edge of a a transparent sea and clothed in vines, tropical vegetation, olives and pinewoods is one of the major attraction of the bay of Naples also because has many hot springs with various properties.

Founded by greek colonists and named Pithecusa, Ischia has been the oldest greek colony in the western Mediterranean (18 th century b.C.).

The island has 44,000 inhabitants and six communities divided in 47 Kmq.

Mount Epomeo, an extinct volcano, rises to a height of 788 m. (2585 ft.).

The harbour of Ischia porto lies in the crater of an extinct volcano, which was joined to the sea by a canal in 1854.

Ischia Ponte is characterized by the Aragonese Castle (15 th century), located on the summit of the rocky islet.

No to be missed:

  • Visit of the Mortella Gardens
  • Wines and liquors tasting

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